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If you decide to buy prewritten essays or custom pieces of writing from, you automatically agree with our terms and conditions which are listed on this page. If you break our rules and terms of use, you should not cooperate with us if you want to get cheap essays.

If the customer is under-aged, he or she is not eligible to visit our website and use our services. Every our client should be of legal age if he/she seeks our professional assistance in the writing sphere.

If you make an order online and transmit your payment for the written essay, you automatically agree with all our terms and conditions which you have read on our website and confirm that you comply with our rules stated at

Explanation of the Key Terms

At you can find the following terms:

“Company,” “Us,” “We” mean the establishment which provides services with the help of

“Website” refers to

“Product” presumes delivery of the custom written essay/term paper/any other written project which you get after making a personal order at

“Client,” “Customer,” “You” presumes referring to a person who seeks help with essay writing from our company and automatically becomes a customer of our company.

"Customer", "You" or "Yours" mean and refer to you and/or any other person submitting the Order to the Website on your behalf.

“Order” means a product that the customer/client gets in a written form.

Services Our Company Provides at a Cheap Price

If you make an order online and pay for our services, you will get a custom piece of writing for your personal use (commercial usage means a violation of the law). All the cheap essays we deliver are written by freelance writers who agreed to work under our terms and conditions.

If you have any questions concerning the services we are ready to offer, please, refer to the section “Process.” You are responsible for any order you make on our website, thus you should read all the details of our rules on the page “Process.”

If you are a new customer and want to get an online essay, you should make verification of your order via telephone. Thus, when making an order, you should indicate your valid telephone number so that our manager can get in touch with you when needed. If you provide us with an incorrect telephone number, we can cancel you order.

Refund Policy

If you got your written essay online and want to get your money back, you should read the section “Money Back Guarantee.” You can find there all relevant information regarding the problem. All the customers who live in the European Union and paid VAT while transacting the money for payment, they will not get this money back. Customers can only get a refund for the order they placed or its percentage, which is stated in the section “Prices” at You should remember that VAT, any discounts and bundles cannot be refunded in any case.

Custom Essays for Personal Needs and a Copyright Policy

All the written papers that we send our customers are custom made. Therefore, the copyright policies in relation to the services and materials our company provides are always obeyed by us and/or our partners or affiliates.

All the materials that we send to you and services we offer cannot be used for commercial purposes, but for personal needs only. Consequently, it is forbidden to modify, display, publish, transmit, sell or use our products for commercial purposes without the written agreement with the company’s officials. You are obliged to compensate money for the illegal and improper use of products that we deliver with the help of If you actually use our materials or their content for commercial use without our consent, you will be subjected to the criminal or civil punishment.

Plagiarism Policy

Every customer should keep in mind that we have a right to make an annulment of all contracts or agreements if he or she endeavors to provide us plagiarized pieces of writing for proofreading or editing. If you buy our custom written essay, you automatically are not allowed to send our products to the third parties or sell them for your personal advantage. You should understand that if we found out that you had sold our products or allowed others to use them in the form of plagiarism, we have all rights to cancel our agreement without providing services; thus, we have all rights to expose you to civil or criminal punishment.

If you get pre written essays, it is not allowed to sign your name on the product we delivered to you. If you want to get our sample papers, you can use them only for your personal research or the purpose of referencing. We do not accept or persuade our clients to plagiarize our works or commit other illegal acts. We do not allow breaking any copyright law therefore all our customers automatically agree to comply with our rules and terms of our product usage. If you use our services, it means that you realize the fact that we provide written materials only as sample papers which can serve you as a model/example on how to write your own piece of writing. If you want to take any idea from our cheap essays, you should appropriately reference it referring to our website, otherwise, your action will automatically be considered as plagiarism.

Our company as well as all our affiliates is not responsible for the improper, illegal, immoral, or unlawful usage of our materials and written papers, whereas this action is regarded as the violation of the law. Such cases presume low assessment, plagiarism, accusations, extension from the college/university, probation, loss or alteration in the amount of awards, scholarships, prizes, positions, titles, extension, deficiency or any other actions which break the law. All our customers are accountable for their actions and immoral, wrongful and unlawful usage of our products will be prosecuted by the law.

Plagiarism level which we consider to be adequate for our company is 11%. If the level of plagiarism exceeds this limit, you have a chance to make a revision request or ask us for a refund of your written paper. Please, visit other sections regarding our revision policy and cases in which we provide money back guarantee. You should remember that references which are given in the Works Cited page at the end of an essay as well as typical expressions (fixed phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms and other expressions) cannot be considered to be plagiarism even if the program detected them.

What We Guarantee

We make sure that our online writers do not deliver papers which have plagiarism rate higher than 11% (without the fixed expressions presented above). All our cheap essays always cover the customers’ requirements and formatting rules. Every order is written only if the profound research was carried out by our expert writer, who writers according to the rules of Standard English. If you got a low grade for the custom written essay we provided, we cannot refund you money in any case.

How to Make an Order

When you want to get our proficient help with essay writing, you need to make an order online (or use a service called “Free Quote”) and fill in the registration form. In order to verify the order placement, you have to indicate some personal information for the manager. Under no circumstances we will reveal your personal data to the third parties or other customers. If you have some question regarding this matter, you have to refer to the section “Privacy Policy.”

You have to understand that it is important to indicate a correct e-mail address, so that our agents can send you letters with notifications about your order, unexpected problems, and messages from the writer that you should reply to. Moreover, you will be notified when the order is already written. Only in cases when the issues are very urgent, we will use your telephone number. When placing an order, you have a chance to use our service called “Top Support,” which means that our agents will send you SMS when we will find a suitable writer for your online essay and when he or she accomplished it.

If you decide to choose our “Top writer” and he/she has already accomplished some tasks for you and is your “Previous writer,” the price will be correlated according to the word number, date and level of writing (high school, college, university). Usually, the price is increased as defined in the section “Pricing” on our website.

You can also agree to use our service called “Top Customer Support Service.” If you pay for this option, all your claims and messages will be replied immediately and you will be the first to get SMS notifications about your order. If you are interested in this service, you have to indicate the correct telephone number, so that our manager can easily contact you. You can use this option at a cheap price (all prices are stated in the special table called “Prices”).

If you are not sure in the originality of your written essay, you can ask us to send you a plagiarism report, which will state the level of authenticity of your work. We have a special plagiarism checking software to create such reports. You can find the price for a plagiarism report in the section “Prices” at Moreover, you can also ask your expert writer to create an abstract while paying for this service. If you do not pay for this option, the writer will not provide the abstract for your paper.

If you make an order on our website, you will have to make a money transfer, the amount of which depends on the time you give for your writer to complete the order, academic level, level of difficulty, number of pages, etc. As long as you pay for the order, the deadline is verified.

Additional Payment

If you want to place an order, you should remember that the company charges for its services. The pricing system does not incorporate the VAT, which should be paid only by the citizens of the European countries. Whenever you make your payment, if you live in the European Union, the amount of payment will be increased. Remember that all the discount our company has, VAT and special offers does not comply with the policy “Money Back Guarantee.”

If a client wants to get a special paper which does not correspond to our offers or if he/she wants to change the requirements of the order, the company has all rights to charge differently such orders.

Every client has at first pay for his/her order, which presumes that the company can start working on the order. If you pay for the order, but we cannot find a suitable writer for your order, you can ask us for a total refund. More details about the refund policy you can find in the section “Money Back Guarantee.”

Terms of Delivery

When the writer has already accomplished your written essay, you can see it in the preview mode on your personal page. If you have read your custom written essay and see that it corresponds to all your instructions, you should click on “Approve” button and download the paper on your PC.

However, remember that you have only 7 days to make a revision request if you have already pressed “Approve” button. We have a special section called “Revision Policy” where you can read all relevant information if you have such a problem. If you approved your paper, you cannot claim to get your money back.

If the writer cannot cope with the order on time and wants to extend the deadline, you can ask for a partial refund. If you have some questions regarding refunds, please, refer to the section “Money Back Guarantee.”

If our mail server is impaired and we cannot resolve the issue with our Internet Service Provider, we are not responsible for the deadline extension and delays in delivery.

If your order was uploaded by the writer on your personal page, you have only 2 weeks to approve it (time count starts when the last version of your order was uploaded by the paper writer). If 2 weeks have passed, the paper will be instantly approved.

Moreover, we will appreciate if you could fill in the survey form on your personal page. You will have to grade our writer, quality of services and work of the support team workers. This will help us to improve the quality of our services.

Free Revision Requests

You can find the section “Revision Policy” where the explicit information about free revisions is presented.

Confidentiality and Security Measures

If you want to read about our security measures, please refer to “Privacy Policy” section.


If you want to buy an essay online and cooperate with us, you should agree with all our term of use:

  • If you take any idea from a pre written essay, it should be appropriately referenced;
  • We deliver our papers online that can serve only as sample papers for referencing and conducting a research. Moreover, they can serve as an example on how to use a particular writing style in your paper (APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, and Chicago);
  • All our pieces of writing are accomplished by the freelance workers who agreed to transfer their rights of private property for us;
  • If you buy our pieces of writing, you pay our workers for gathering, systematizing, correcting, and editing materials as well as creating advertisements for our website;
  • Even if you requested several copies of your paper for your personal use, you have no right to publish, sell, change, and send them for the commercial use without our written agreement;
  • Every customer has to delete all the copies of our products if the paper was already used for referencing or conducting a research. You cannot upload those copies or parts of written papers on the Internet without our consent.

Limitation of Liability

While getting our services, every customer pays workers, directors, officers, officials, agents, shareholders, affiliates, representative, advertising, subsidiaries, promotion and delivering of products. Moreover, the payment relates to work if legal advisers who work out customers’ claims concerning our services which incorporate (a) telephone equipment, software and hardware, electronic, the Internet, network, e-mail, computer breakdown; (b) any issue which raised due to failure or delay in information delivery; (c) any issues which aroused independently from the company’s work as well as services we produce; (d) any loss or damage of products due to the poor Internet connection; (e) any typological mistakes in the custom papers we deliver. Moreover, the customers’ payments are incorporated for the fees paid to lawyers who defend the company and its services against third parties or lawsuits related to the violation of customers’ rights.

The company is not accountable for indirect, incidental, wrongful or temporary damages which were caused by the use of our website. If you live in certain states which do not approve limitation and liability policies, the information stated above cannot be referred to you.

We ask all customers to read our Term and Conditions as the information can be updated on our website.

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