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Buy custom Ancient Chinese Philosophy essay

There are many approaches to Daoism; categorically Dao tries to explain the meaning and relevance of the Chinese philosophy. Philosophy in the Chinese history was technically brought about by these aspects like Dao, which tend to define the birth of philosophy and beliefs in China. Dao in Daoism is divided into four respective Daoism groups. These groups or categories, tend to emphasis the different effects and stages of Dao in its Daoism dominion. The first part, which is Dao defines and emphasizes its effects manifestation in the Taoism also known as Daoism. The second part, defines the disciplines and principles of Dao in Confucianism. The Confucianism tries to create an image that tries to define its importance in the light of Dao in Daoism, (Laozi, Roger T. Ames, and David L. Hall, 2003). The third category in the Daoism philosophy is thought that Dao introduces Buddhism into the Chinese point of religion, while the last category, tries to determine the effects and impacts of the Dao on the people of Chinese, their origins, social cultures and lifestyles, on how Dao has influenced their perspective of viewing their nature, and its influence in beliefs and values. Dao tries to emphasize the important roles played by the Daoism in the Chinese culture and how it has been cultivated and incorporated by different cultures, of different cultural backgrounds, (Laozi, 2003). Therefore, in comparison of Dao on other philosophical affiliations which were present from historical periods that have been incorporated into the many affiliations of philosophy in Chinese societies, creates different cultures and values of the society. Dao has developed various clarified differences between the Daoism, the Analects, the Daodejing, the Sunzi and the Zhuangzi.

Dao and its manifestation in the Daoism society of the Daodejing, the Sunzi and the Zhuangzi

Dao has had different insightful effects in the Daoism societies, which have been there through 100 BCE and during the time in the Zhuangzi dynasties, and Han dynasty which existed in the historic Chinese society (100 BCE). Among these dynasties there are the Laozi and Zhuangzi, who are believed to have been the first Taoists. As the first philosophizes in the Chinese society, both are believed to have written their guidelines in Daoism, the Laozi are believed to have wrote the Way of Virtue Scripture, (Kohn, Livia, 1993), while the Zhuangzi wrote the Zhuangzi, Therefore in the Daoism society and believes, guidelines of Dao were to be adopted based on the scripts written by the first Taoists. But it was not believed to be a complete rule over the people’s culture but in the Han Era, the Taoists’ scriptures became the common used scripts among the Dao or Tao people.

As time went by due to the introduction of the new scriptures of the Taoists, many different people with different cultural backgrounds, started to incorporate their Daoism in different ways from other people, while others believed their form of historical life is the same, they absorbed it into their perspective lives which dominated the lives of many Chinese people from the historical perspective, (Mou, Bo, 2003). The Han Era introduced the basics of which the Chinese people could follow in governing their principles in the rule of religion and the modesty in which their values and beliefs were established. Therefore as different communities started to adopt the Daoism in their lives, it lead to the development of the current Chinese organizations which differed from one rule to the other in the way they worshipped and believed in the way through which other cultural backgrounds of different people which were necessary to adopt different ways and methods of governing the their values.

Although there is no clear development of the history classical reformation of Chinese people from their usual nature of following the basics in the development of the international variations amongst its different backgrounds, lead to the rise of Qin whom tried to develop a more different sophisticated system of defining the their traditional values, bringing in the various perspectives from the domination in the religious nature of the people like the legalism or legalist and the Huang-Lao thoughts of philosophical theories in the lives of the Chinese people , (Mou, Bo, 2003). However the introduction of the Han Dynasty and its principles of implementing a classical theoretical historical point of view, lead to the birth of the Lazio and Zhuangzi. These different philosophies in the Chinese historical philosophy, lead to the birth of Dao and Daoism which cemented life of historical point of religious development which was improved the philosophy of the Chinese people.

The Lazio and Zhuangzi lead to the development of this famous culture as part of part of the Taoists. Values of life of many cultures which were involved in the cultural incorporation, lead to the implementation of roles and values of the many different people of the Chinese religion, (Kohn, Livia, 1993). Therefore, many people with different religions in the Chinese society, adopted different methods which are necessary to be mentioned in the lifestyle of Chinese people. This lead to the development of different perspective of religions, most adopted different practices such Buddhism, other groups started to practice martial arts, in different games which they showcased, dressing styles in the values of determining the necessary issues , (Kohn, Livia, 1993).Therefore many practices were adopted which changed the lives of many citizens in the wider perspective the development of the early lives in which they were supposed to trust its development and establishment in the lives of many Christianity faith. Also many other early writers developed different texts which had lesser more philosophy reflections among the people of the Chinese origins and backgrounds

Dao and Buddhism

Buddhism was born into the Chinese religious philosophical agendas through the introduction and implementation of the Dao in the many hearts of the Chinese people. The different practices brought about the change of intellectual development in the case of developing the leading roles in the perspective of developing simple and modern westernized lives in the perspective of the development of historical richness which had many preferences and agendas towards the many people of Chinese region.  Therefore to understand the real reason in which Buddhism was developed lead to understand the principles of learning the historical and keeping it close to their daily perspectives which is more commonly developed by the few people who are in the perspective of understanding the lives of those who are in the religious understanding of their historical rooting.

Finally many people who had implemented the use of Lazio scriptures like the guiding texts of Dao, had different practices which could have propelled them towards understanding the need of having, close beliefs in something which was regarded as the sacred teaching sin the role of developing the power to worship a person’s liberation in among the fewer understanding of personal governance (Goldin, Paul R. Dao, 2013).  Buddhism led to the development of many assurance of developing a personal mindfulness development, defiling a person’s body, attaining personal enlightenment through worship and attainment of personal motivation in the sense of the guiding others was the basic principle that lead to the development of personal interrelationships which are the motivation that a person needs engagement of guiding and building personal atonement.

However the introduction of the real acceptance of the people into the worship religion of Buddhism developed a great role of accepting certain aspects of the community role in playing personal fulfillment.  Example after going through a painful ordeal which can cast painful memories, cannot be changed or erased from the brains, but will used a tool to motivate a person. This lead to the development of the initial role played by the Buddhism according to Taoists who all had their guidelines from the Dao in Buddhism developed among the many Neo-Daoists after the emphatic introduction of the western religious establishment in the initial roles played by the initial governing councils who always lead the people like the Lazio and Zhuangzi.  Their scriptures introduced the basic analysis of their basic termed development of the religion and their historical perspectives in the larger domain of understanding the role played by their personal organizations in the value established by the Han Dynasty.

With Buddhism also enhanced in the organizations of different organizations like the Analects, who also developed the concept of having teachers in their different Buddhism schools like the development of practicing martial arts in the Buddhism schools across the societies, which is being practiced till nowadays. Most Buddhism schools which were developed due to the rise of the development of the Buddhism in the nature of developing the issue in there were the groupings into nuns, monks and monastery. These groups produced the culture of valuing the role played by Buddhism in the nature of defining personal development in the process which is in the atonement of personal mindfulness in the nature of developing personal closeness in the personal spirit fulfillment (Goldin, Paul R. Dao, 2013). The different aspects which were being emulated by the necessary forces lead to the development of personal relations in the nature of understanding the real nature of personal fulfillment and enlightenment.

Confucian Analects

There are many Chinese texts which can be used in various ways to be used in the same way as meaning different content in the value of determining the role played by different authors in the issues regarding the development of personal development in the position of determining the real philosophy in the essence of trying to create a meaningful agenda for its translations. Philosophical texts such as the Analects, Zhuangzi, Dao de jing, are the most important scriptures which are necessary in defining the different methodologies in the issues which have been established around the community of the Chinese people in the perspective of defining their roles in the community. Many anthologies have been translated in order to create newer development of the scripting texts used by the many people in the issues regarding the people in the personal development like determining the issues in the essence of describing the role played by the Lazio and the Zhuangzi.

Therefore in describing the role played by the Lazio is the same as in the incorporation of trying the development of argumentative value so of the Analects, which are both trying to crate understanding in the field of describing the values developed by the issues in the regarding less of many of the books developed by the people, have been translated into the philosophical perspective but lack the proper definitions of the initial books which have been brought in the essence of developing the initial perspective of philosophy whish was technically developed by the Chinese people in the role of developing historical classics, (Confucius, Roger T. Ames, and Henry Rosemont, 1999). Therefore in the analects and the Dao which govern the Daoism, both argues that they are the same, Confucianism and Daoism both tries to bring out and implement the doctrines of Dao.

In the development of Confucianism, both lead to the struggle in the presence of power in order to be a superior man in the collective study of the people in the necessary roles played by the necessary individuals over the development in the case of determining whether he is worthy. Therefore, master Confucius is argumentative thought in the role played by his quote, made man look onto the wider perspective of developing the power to maintain his worthiness of fulfillment in the case of personal achievement thus is the great power in the role played by the people in the nature of its dominion of natural balance in the stats in the community. Further his teachings from the famous philosophy text of the analects, led to the description of a strong man of a person like in the both development of the issue played by the simplicity of trying to learn the basic understanding the power of personal motivation, thus has to follow the rules if he/she needs to have power.

Therefore a man like the master Confucius himself described the act of attaining power as the act of using natural power over the weaker men, but through the proper development and establishment of righteousness throughout the necessary elms of proprieties (Confucius, Roger T. Ames, and Henry Rosemont, 1999). But power if not true, the use of power influence but through the development of personal agendas in the presence of other governing people, will determine the roles of carrying out the necessary roles of The Master Confucius has described the mind of himself that, "With coarse rice to eat, with water to drink, and my bended arm for a pillow; - I have still joy in the midst of these things. Riches and honors acquired by unrighteousness are to me as a floating cloud."

Therefore understanding the basic principles of attaining power through the role of going into the general development of righteousness in the personal models of attaining optimum results, will be the necessary step to perform in gaining riches or getting riches in the essence of developing its optimum power.


In the Chinese philosophy many anthologies have been established and others have been translated from their original versions in the contemporary research into historical aspects of the Chinese historical affiliations. The main issue in the development of Daoism, in the earlier contemporary issues, is the implementation of the further readings in the field of religious development. The earlier versions of the scriptures in the texts which were thought to have been written by the first Dynasty which had developed the historical aspect of the internal community of the Chinese people in the issues regarding the general development of the national community, has led to the development of different practices which have also been developed throughout the principles of their earlier guidelines (Chun, Shan, 2012). Therefore a closer look into the doctrines which have led to the development of the power and the historical preferences in the case of how the people relate to each other and the power under which they have differently influenced the development of faster.

Many philosophies have described the role of Buddhism in the context in which rose different techniques in the issues in the basic development of the real personal fulfillment in the agendas and the attainment of personal righteous in the master Confucius’s description in the development of personal power in order to define the process of attaining the knowledge in personal motivation, (Chun, Shan, 2012). Therefore the Dao in the Chinese history has led to the development of a wider role of determining the various aspects that have been elaborated in the perspective of determining personal philosophy in the classical agendas.

Buy custom Ancient Chinese Philosophy essay

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